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Voxdale Partnerships

How we go from
idea to impact.

Discover how we’re imagining tomorrow’s products, and building them today.


Heau’s IF Design Award Winning Instant HOT°

Forget the discomfort of cold water and experience instant warmth at every shower. A world of comfort, with a heart for nature.

Transforming Snacking with Innovation and Robotics

Learn how Alberts can serve fresh, personalized smoothies at schools, offices, hospitals, and retail locations 24/7, with the Alberts One Greenbizz ALPRO.

The Creation of Idevax's Award-Winning VAX-ID Device

Introducing the award-winning VAX-ID, a patented drug delivery device for accurate, painless, and reliable injection in the skin. 

EV Charging Case Study for UZE Energy

EV Mobile Charger: Revolutionizing Urban EV Charging

Voxdale collaborated closely with UZE to develop the EV Mobile Charger, an ultra-mobile rapid charger that surpassed expectations.

Validating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) outcomes

We demonstrate the validity of the CFD model of two different designs made of relevant materials and across a range of practical experimental settings.

Revolutionizing E-Step Market with Innovative Design and End-to-End Hardware Development

Introducing the Taito S1 e-step, a truly innovative and exceptional product that is set to revolutionize the micro-mobility industry.

Innovative Blood Self-Sampling Device for Home-Based Testing

The blood self-sampling device developed by Voxdale and ITM holds promising potential for a range of applications in research and clinical practice.

IoT: It's Not Just for Smartphones Anymore

Zyzo is a unique communication device with a touch screen to help elderly to stay in contact with their children and grandchildren.

Optimal Positioning and Moving of Patients

Dr. Paul Depauw, a neurosurgeon reached out to Voxdale to develop products to move and position patients under anesthesia n the operating room (OR).

Tech For Formula-E

Enhancing the performance of Mahindra Racing's electric race cars, contributing to a greener future for motorsports and transportation.

Creating the Award-Winning Noah Fast Bicycle

How we created a racer that would be even faster and more aerodynamic than its predecessor — the fastest professional racer within UCI regulations.

Developing a Respiratory Aid for Covid-19 Patients

How we designed and produced an adaptor to combine the Aria snorkelling mask from the Ocean Reef brand with a venturi system and a Hepa filter.

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