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Ergotrics case study by Voxdale


Ergotrics: Optimal Positioning and Moving of Patients

Dr. Paul Depauw, a neurosurgeon specialised in skull base surgery and spine surgery, reached out to Voxdale to develop products to move and position patients under anaesthesia in the operating room (OR).

The goal was to create certified products that allow the optimal positioning or moving of patients, using the compressed medical-air system that is always available inside the OR with special attention to ease of use, hygiene and reduction of physical labour.

Ergotrics Product Demonstration Side View
Ergotrics Product Demonstration Top View

Prototype Verification and Validation

Starting with Dr Depauw’s clear requirements of using compressed air and inflatables, Voxdale took charge of the full product development. In the first stage, Voxdale conducted thorough research on the possible materials and methods we could use to position the patients. 


After the construction of several models, as proof of concept, we started the search for suppliers and toolmakers for the prototypes. These prototypes were then used for verification and validation in the CE certification process. The design transfer became the final major task for the Voxdale crew.

IP Creation & CE Certification

Alongside the process of product development, Voxdale supported Dr Depauw in the product’s IP creation and management. Voxdale helped to create and file the application for CE certification (received in 2019) and advice in receiving the right funding for these innovative new products.