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Heau and Voxdale: Revolutionizing Showers, One Drop at a Time

"How can we effectively design and manufacture an instant hot shower system that is both durable and cost-effective while minimizing energy consumption and maximizing ease of installation?"

- Philippe and Alexander, Heau’s Founders

Heau vs. water waste: A common problem, a bold solution

We all know the problem. You step into the shower, and, if like most of us, you don’t plunge into the cold, you wait. And while you wait, water goes down the drain—unused, unretrievable, wasted. 
Heau co-founders Philippe and Alexander recognized this familiar frustration and decided to tackle it head-on. 

“It’s something that people have gotten used to,” Philippe explains. “It became a normal problem: you open the shower and you have to wait. Was this how we were going to do it, continuously? It’s in every hotel room, every hospital, every sports facility, every household. When you add up the amount of waste to all these units, the result is ridiculous.”