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Taito Mobility Case Study by Voxdale

Taito Mobility

Revolutionizing E-Step Market with Innovative Design and End-to-End Hardware Development

"Can you assist us in creating a revolutionary e-step with unique design, exceptional stability, and seamless smartphone integration?"

- Jules Dobbelaere, Co-Founder and CEO of Taito

The Challenge

TAITO, a dynamic start-up, approached Voxdale with an ambitious vision: to create a revolutionary e-step with a unique design, exceptional stability, and seamless smartphone integration. They sought a trusted partner to turn their concept into a market-disrupting product, captivating users and transforming the micro-mobility industry.

The Solution

Voxdale partnered closely with TAITO, playing a vital role in shaping and refining the Taito S1 e-step from its initial concept to the final market launch. Leveraging their expertise in hardware development, Voxdale’s team played a crucial role in integrating and establishing communication between the various components of the Taito S1 e-step, including electronics, circuitry, and firmware.

Throughout the hardware development process, Voxdale maintained open and constant communication with TAITO’s team, working hand in hand to refine the design and ensure the final product aligned with TAITO's vision. Regular design reviews, prototyping iterations, and user testing were conducted to gather invaluable feedback and validation, resulting in an e-step that surpassed customer expectations.

The close collaboration between Voxdale and TAITO brought the Taito S1 e-step to life, delivering a truly innovative and exceptional product that is set to revolutionize the micro-mobility industry.