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What is MedTech?

MedTech is a dynamic and transformative realm that fuses health and technology at the crossroads of healthcare and innovation. At Voxdale we dive deep into this ever-evolving landscape, where hardware and software innovations converge to reimagine the very essence of healthcare.


Idevax's Award-Winning VAX-ID Device

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

Innovative Blood Self-Sampling Device


Optimal Positioning &
Moving of Patients

The results of MedTech

By offering expertise in diverse areas of MedTech, Voxdale empowers clients to bring innovative healthcare solutions to market, improve patient care, and contribute to the advancement of medical science.


MedTech Pillars

In the realm of MedTech, innovation knows no bounds. We're at the forefront of crafting advanced medical devices, from wearable health monitors that keep a vigilant eye on your well-being to diagnostic equipment, cutting-edge imaging devices, and even surgical robots. These marvels of technology don't just enhance diagnosis and treatment accuracy; they also empower individuals to take control of their health.

Advanced Medical Devices

In an age where smartphones and wearable devices are ubiquitous, we've harnessed their potential to create an array of digital health and wellness applications. These product & service solutions are your companions on the journey to a healthier you, tracking vital signs, delivering health insights, and offering personalized guidance that empowers you to lead a healthier, happier life.

Digital Health and Wellness

Within MedTech, MicroFluidics pioneers biotech breakthroughs—exploring gene editing, personalized medicine, and regenerative therapies on a microscale. These innovations promise a paradigm shift in disease diagnostics and treatment, leading to tailored, efficient healthcare solutions. Precision at the micro-level opens new avenues for advanced testing, providing insights into biological intricacies.

MicroFluidics Marvels in Biotechnology

MedTech Development at Voxdale

Voxdale specializes in the development of a wide range of MedTech products aimed at improving healthcare outcomes and patient experiences. Some of the types of MedTech products that Voxdale develops include:

Medical Devices

Diagnostic tools, monitoring devices, and surgical instruments.

Biotechnology Innovations

Advanced diagnostic tests and drug delivery systems.

Wearable HealthTech

Devices for tracking vital signs and fitness metrics.

Rehabilitation and Assistive Devices

Prosthetics, orthotics, and mobility aids.

Healthcare Robotics

Surgical robots and robotic exoskeletons.

Diagnostics and Imaging Equipment

MRI machines and CT scanners.

Healthcare IoT

Connected medical devices for remote monitoring.

Voxdale's MedTech Measures

Voxdale prioritizes safety through rigorous testing, compliance with ISO13485 (International Organization for Standardization) medical standards, and user-centered design.


Our multidisciplinary team conducts thorough risk assessments and follows stringent quality control processes to ensure the safety of all MedTech products. Our adherence to ISO standards demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety in the development of healthcare solutions.


Voxdale’s role in the ISO13485 certification

Voxdale, as a design and engineering partner, plays an integral role in each step of the ISO 13485 compliant design and development process for medical devices. Here is how Voxdale's role fits within the ISO 13485 requirements:

Planning of design and development

This involves creating a plan that describes the design and development activities and assigns responsibilities and resources for each activity.

Design and development inputs

These are the physical and performance requirements of the device that are essential for its intended use. These can include safety considerations, standards or regulations, output of risk management, and customer requirements.

Design and development outputs

These are the results of the design and development activities. The outputs should meet the input requirements and should include information necessary for production and service provision.

Design and development reviews

At suitable stages, systematic reviews of design and development should be conducted to evaluate the ability of the results of design and development to meet requirements, and to identify any problems and propose necessary actions.

Design and development verification

Verification is conducted to ensure that the design output meets the design input requirements.

Design and development validation

Validation is conducted to ensure that the resulting product is capable of meeting the requirements for the specified application or intended use.

Design and development transfer

Organizations need to ensure that product designs can be correctly translated into production specifications.

Control of design and development changes

All design and development changes need to be identified, documented, reviewed, and approved before their implementation.

Design and development files:

Organizations should establish and maintain a file for each type of medical device. This includes records demonstrating that the device has been designed and developed in accordance with ISO 13485 requirements.

Be it small, medium-sized businesses or large enterprises, Voxdale's ISO 13485 compliant design and development process is tailored to meet the unique needs of all its clients, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, safe, and effective medical devices. With a wide array of resources and a diverse skill set, Voxdale can adapt to the needs of any organization, regardless of its size or stage of development. The process of collaborating with Voxdale remains the same, providing a structured, systematic, and comprehensive approach to design and development, upholding the highest industry standards and regulatory compliance.

Note: It is crucial to note that compliance with ISO 13485 extends beyond the design and development phase. The standard also covers areas like risk management, regulatory requirements, customer feedback, complaint handling, control of non-conforming product, and corrective and preventive actions. Compliance with ISO 13485 is a comprehensive and continuous process that spans the lifecycle of a medical device, from the initial concept to post-market surveillance.

MedTech Solutions

At Voxdale, we focus on creating personalized MedTech solutions that cater to individual medical needs. We collaborate closely with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements, and our team of experts develops tailored designs, features, and functionality to meet those needs.

Patient Experience

MedTech enhances patient experiences in various ways. It enables remote consultations, improves access to healthcare, empowers individuals with health monitoring tools, and streamlines healthcare processes. Ultimately, MedTech promotes convenience, engagement, and better health outcomes for patients.

Unleashing the Potential of MedTech

MedTech isn't just a buzzword; it's a force that's fundamentally reshaping healthcare.
  • MedTech is the catalyst behind enhanced patient care. It equips healthcare professionals with advanced tools for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring, ultimately improving patient outcomes and reducing medical errors. 

  • ​Voxdale recognizes the pivotal role of telemedicine, especially during global health crises. MedTech makes remote consultations a reality, breaking down barriers and making healthcare accessible to all, irrespective of location or mobility constraints. 

  • ​MedTech isn't just about innovation; it's about efficiency. By optimizing healthcare operations, reducing administrative burdens, and improving resource allocation, it's instrumental in lowering the overall cost of healthcare delivery. 

  • ​MedTech thrives on data, unlocking insights that empower healthcare providers to make informed decisions. It fuels the development of personalized treatment plans, aids in disease management, and supports cutting-edge research. 

  • ​MedTech empowers individuals to take an active role in their health journey. It fosters self-monitoring, provides access to vital information, and facilitates seamless communication with healthcare providers. In essence, MedTech is the heart of healthcare's transformation. It's an embodiment of efficiency, accessibility, and patient-centricity. At Voxdale, we're not just witnessing this evolution; we're actively shaping it. Join us as we embark on a journey that celebrates innovation, embraces progress, and redefines the future of healthcare. Welcome to MedTech – where innovation meets care, and the future of healthcare begins today.


Voxdale actively collaborates with medical research institutions and partners on cutting-edge projects, including its participation in PILS (Partners in Life Sciences). We contribute our expertise in product development and engineering to advance medical research, develop innovative solutions, and bring breakthroughs to the market.

Voxdale & Medical Research Partnerships




An introductory dive into the world of MedTech.

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