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About Team Voxdale

Our Story

Creating what the world needs next

We are a team of strategists, designers and engineers, being the reference experts that bridge the gap between idea and realisation.

We collaborate with our customers in a personal and friendly way to offer start-to-finish, technology-driven solutions that improve efficiency. 

Collaborate with customers

Our core


Our values define us and guide our actions. They inspire self-reflection, continuous improvement, and staying true to ourselves. We live by them wholeheartedly as our compass.
    • Don’t just provide a service. Pave the way.

    • Trust and grow your expertise. 

    • Guide our clients to success - with some tough love if needed.

    • Be confident and proud, but never arrogant.

    • Stay curious and stay ahead. No CTRL-C, CRTL-V work here.  

    • Don’t dwell on problems. Be daring and create solutions for the future.

    • Listen deeply. Understanding and empathising are the basis of any solution.  

    • Be open to exploring new perspectives and opportunities.

    • Be agile. Innovate and pivot quickly if needed. 

    • Be Client-centric. Put the client and their problems and dreams on top. 

    • Go the extra mile to create exceptional products and services.

    • Own your successes and be proud of them.

    • Admit your mistakes and learn from them. 

    • Learn and grow together. Don’t be afraid to stumble along the way.

    • Consider feedback as the secret sauce that makes us better, faster and stronger.

    • Proactively seek out feedback from colleagues, clients and partners.

    • Be generous with giving feedback - whether it’s to celebrate a job well done or help us all improve.

    • Be friendly. Always.

    • Lend a hand and lift each other up.

    • Use humour to make the toughest challenge feel manageable.

    • Create a warm atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

    • Enjoy the freedom, but always act in Voxdale’s best interest.

    • Create the right balance between autonomy and collaboration.

    • Use common sense and seek advice in case of doubt.

    • Give and earn trust.