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About Team Voxdale

Our Story

Creating what the world needs next

We are a team of strategists, designers and engineers, being the reference experts that bridge the gap between idea and realisation.

We collaborate with our customers in a personal and friendly way to offer start-to-finish, technology-driven solutions that improve efficiency. 

Collaborate with customers

Our core


Our values define us and guide our actions. They inspire self-reflection, continuous improvement, and staying true to ourselves. We live by them wholeheartedly as our compass.
    • Don’t just provide a service. Pave the way.

    • Trust and grow your expertise. 

    • Guide our clients to success - with some tough love if needed.

    • Be confident and proud, but never arrogant.

    • Stay curious and stay ahead. No CTRL-C, CRTL-V work here.  

    • Don’t dwell on problems. Be daring and create solutions for the future.

    • Listen deeply. Understanding and empathising are the basis of any solution.  

    • Be open to exploring new perspectives and opportunities.

    • Be agile. Innovate and pivot quickly if needed. 

    • Be Client-centric. Put the client and their problems and dreams on top. 

    • Go the extra mile to create exceptional products and services.

    • Own your successes and be proud of them.

    • Admit your mistakes and learn from them. 

    • Learn and grow together. Don’t be afraid to stumble along the way.

    • Consider feedback as the secret sauce that makes us better, faster and stronger.

    • Proactively seek out feedback from colleagues, clients and partners.

    • Be generous with giving feedback - whether it’s to celebrate a job well done or help us all improve.

    • Be friendly. Always.

    • Lend a hand and lift each other up.

    • Use humour to make the toughest challenge feel manageable.

    • Create a warm atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

    • Enjoy the freedom, but always act in Voxdale’s best interest.

    • Create the right balance between autonomy and collaboration.

    • Use common sense and seek advice in case of doubt.

    • Give and earn trust.

Tim, CEO at Voxdale

It is an honour to work together with a really nice, ambitious and talented bunch of people on problems and ideas that really matter.

We are able to work day in day out with innovators at startups, universities, spin-offs and corporates. It is a great feeling to be able to sit in a conversation with a possible client and have the confidence we are probably the best party to solve their problem.
Tim, CEO

Meet the team that 

makes it happen.

Tim Dieryckx, CEO at Voxdale

Tim Dieryckx


Koen Beyers, Founder and Board Member at Voxdale

Koen Beyers

Founder and Board Member

Bart Verleije


Kris Van Hoeymissen, Capability Program Lead at Voxdale

Kris Van Hoeymissen

COO & Delivery Lead

Tinneke Janssens

Office Management

Merijn Sanders

Managing Partner and Director Germany

Tom Dewaele, Design Driven Innovation and Experiences at Voxdale

Tom Dewaele

Design Director